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Frequent Ask Questions

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Do you have some question about your ADP enrollment?

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Do you have some question about using DEPUTY?

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ADP Enrollment

Where do I find the ADP link ?

  • The ADP link will be sent to your email address shortly after you have received the NEW HIRE email


Where do I find the Associate ID and Registration Code?

  • You'll find the ASSOCIATE ID and REGISTRATION CODE via the ADP link. Please see image below: 



What do I do with the code that comes/texted to my phone number?

  • The code is a matter of confirmation and security. Please be sure to input the code text to your phone in the provided field 


How do I fill out the I9 form, 1099 form or the W4 form?

  • To ensure you are filling out the tax forms correctly, please be sure to connect with your tax professional to ensure the best outcome


When I get to the page that states 401K services or ADP Workforce Now, which one do I choose?

  • Please select the ADP WORKFORCE NOW option.


The I9 form is showing an error message or not allowing me to move past the page, what should I do?

  • When you see an error message or unable to move past the page after inputting your information, you should go back to the PERSONAL INFORMATION section and be sure all of your personal information is inputted correctly. Be sure to NOT input spaces or dashes beg=fore or after your first name, last name, and ss number or


What is the reason for the I9?

  • The reason for the I9 is the evidence to work for a particular company. If the i9 is not filled out the company will be penalized 


The page will not load, what should I do?

  • If your page will not load for any reason, please be sure to log out and log back in, or you can try to log in on another device such as a tablet, laptop, or computer. If you have tried all stated above, please be sure to contact the HR department as this issue may need to be escalated 


My name or other information is inputted into ADP incorrectly, what should I do?

  • If your name or adrress or phone number has changed and/ or has been inputted into the ADP system incorrectly, you may log in and make the necessary changes as you are privy to edit your profile once you have created one 


My Android/ IPhone will not allow me to complete the ADP onboarding paperwork, what should I do? 

  • If your smartphone device does not allow you to to start and/ or complete the ADP onboarding paperwork/process, please use another device such as a tablet, computer, ot laptop 


I do not have a voided check, what should I do?


  • If you do not have a voided check and you bank online or you have your banks app downloaded on your phone, please screenshot your account details and upload that screen shot into the voided check section 


The ADP system would not allow me to upload my ss card, picture ID and passport, what should I do?


  • You only need ONE form of identification. Please upload either a State ID, Passport or SS Card. Not all three


Where do I find the offer letter?

  • You will find the offer letter in the NEW HIRE email sent to you by the recruiter. Please be sure to sign and date the offer letter and return it to HR as soon as possible. You can also text it if that's easier to (917) 637 - 0319


Why do I have to upload a voided check if I already filled out the SELECT PAYMENT OPTIONS portion?

  • Payroll will need a TWO step process in order to provide pay out. Providing the VOIDED CHECK  and inputting your financial information into the SELECT PAYMENT OPTIONS would allow a TWO step verification and allow Payroll to continue with a payout. This step in very important as payment will be delayed 


The I9 is stating a different home address, what should I do? 

  • Be sure to go to the PERSONAL INFORMATION portion and  check all of your information, be sure there are not spaces or dashes before or after your first and last name, aslo be sure to input your ss number into the drop down window under the TIN section


Where do I implient my SS/ TIN number?

  • The TIN will provide a drop down window where you'll find the SOCIAL SECURITY option. Be sure to input your social security number correctly. 


The NDA and PI will not allow me to sign the documents in the REVIEW DOCUMENTS portion, what should I do? 

  • If you're unable to sign and date the forms, please download them, print them and fill them out. Once you have done that please email them to HR at


What should I do if I do not have an emergency contact or a second emergency contact?

  • In the case you do not have an emergency contact please input your information in each section. All sections may need to be filled out in order to move to the next task. If you do not have a secondary emergency contact, please fill in the second option with either your information or your 1 emergency contacts information in order to be able to move to the next task


I have had an ADP profile with another company, do I need to complete the ADP onboarding?

  • Each individual company does not allow the sharing of their employees' information. therefore you'd have to register with ADAMIS GROUP on the ADP platform in order to access the onboarding paperwork 

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